© Raul Pedroso

Miami Dade College Lehman Theatre
The Lehman Theatre, dating from the early 1960s, has been one of the signature theatres of Miami Dade College. Located in the school’s North Campus inside the William D. Pawley Art Center, the theatre has not only staged theatrical performances, but has also served as a lecture hall and classroom. RJHA was selected to provide a complete renovation of the entire theatre and create a new second theatre space. The 457 seat theatre received a full interior makeover that included improving acoustics and a state-of-the-art sound and production systems that provide Miami Dade College students with a modern performing arts venue. Outside the Main Hall, a new green room was added and the current dressing rooms underwent an all-encompassing renovation. A completely new entrance equipped with a Broadway style marquee has become a main feature of the updated theatre. Additionally, RJHA converted to outdated classroom spaces into a new 160 seat ‘Black Box’ Studio Theatre with full theatrical sound and lighting systems. Retractable seating allows the Studio Theatre space to be easily reconfigured for lectures or other college events. The Lehman Theatre is a superb demonstration of R.J. Heisenbottle Architects’ ability to rejuvenate and modernize existing theatres.