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Surf Club Four Seasons Hotel

The configuration of Richard Meier’s three building parte centers on the Surf Club’s historic “Peacock Alley”, which serves as the main entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel and runs from west to east, culminating in a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. The new towers flank and integrate into the historic 87-year-old Mediterranean-style beach club designed by noted Miami Architect Russell Pancoast.To the north of Peacock Alley the Four Seasons Hotel rises from what was once the Surf Club’s interior courtyard. The Four Seasons Residences lie immediately adjacent and north of the hotel. The Surf Club condominium tower rises to the south of Peacock Alley and sweeps diagonally towards the ocean forming an outdoor courtyard reminiscent of the original. The architectural challenge of the project was to harmonize and integrate the relationship between the existing historic Surf Club buildings and the three new towers that surround it. Meier has done this masterfully. The unifying strategy for the project was the restoration of the original Peacock Alley logia, an arched promenade that serves to link the old and the new. R.J. Heisenbottle Architects meticulously restored the original public spaces including Peacock Alley and the Four Seasons restaurant and lounge after years of historically insensitive renovations.The replacement windows and doors are exact replicas of the historic windows and doors from 1930. The original tower overlooking the ocean has been restored to match its original ornamentation and detail. Stone columns that were removed from the lounge and dining area years earlier have been perfectly replicated. The historic beachside cabanas most of which had been demolished years earlier, have been faithfully replicated to give that same tranquil and luxurious seaside experience that Surf Club members and guests enjoyed for decades.