Audubon House Cookhouse
The Audubon House Cookhouse in Key West, Florida was built by prominent wrecker John Huling Geiger and descended in his family until it was scheduled for demolition in the late 1950s. Local folklore had long said that Geiger had played host to John James Audubon his 1832 trip to the Florida Keys. Colonel Mitchell Wolfson and his wife stepped up and saved the property. In 1960 the Audubon House Cookhouse opened as a Historic House Museum.
The Wolfson Family Foundation hired a historian to conduct primary research into 19th century Key West and Geiger family history. The intent being to display a more accurate historic depiction of life in Key West during the period 1830-1860, with a particular focus on the period of construction of the Audubon House Cookhouse. There is concrete evidence, both through map and photographic documentation of the existence, location and appearance of the kitchen structure on the grounds of the Audubon House Cookhouse. RJHA was commissioned by the Wolfson Family Foundation to restore the original site and kitchen of the Heritage House, Key West.

  • 2014 Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Award, Honorable Mention in the Field of Urban Infill Design, Cook House Reconstruction Project