Hotel and Resorts
Hotel and resort architecture as well as hospitality planning, are two specialties that the firm has been involved in for the past decade. It has been brought to the forefront most recently with the acquisition of the restoration and renovation of the historic Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Belleair, Florida. This old Victorian-era hotel was built in 1897 and the firm has been retained to restore it to its original grandeur and go one step further,to conceptualize and create a world class, luxury, "green" resort which will define the future of green resort tourism in the State of Florida. We have also been involved in the planning and design of the 200 acre Scarlet Macaw Resort in Placencia, Belize. Wherever the location takes us, be it the Caribbean or beyond, RJHA's resort planners tackle the client's objectives with architecture and interiors designed for the people who will use them. We know that unlike any other century, people are travelling in droves and demanding excitement, adventure, ecology and first class facilities with a modern, technological edge. We are committed to hospitality design solutions that meet or exceed our clients' needs and business goals, but that also raise the bar for world class, luxury hotels and resorts in the 21st century.
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