Haulover Park Restrooms
Miami Beach, FL
The Haulover Park Comfort Stations were constructed in Haulover Beach Park, one of the most popular public beaches in Miami-Dade County. This one mile-long stretch of sandy beach fills to capacity during summer weekends with a variety of users, including local families out for a picnic, out-of-town visitors and sun and fun seekers in general. With the park’s ever-growing crowds and its lack of public facilities, the Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department commissioned R.J. Heisenbottle Architects to design four comfort stations each equipped with restrooms, showers and changing stalls. The comfort stations consist of one-story buildings totaling 1,265 square feet and were inspired by a unique maritime theme. The whimsical form that makes up the structures was derived from the smoke stacks of the great ocean liners of old, while also simultaneously echoing the rounded forms typical of the Streamline Moderne architectural style prevalent in Miami Beach during that same era. Similarly, the colorful horizontal bands that adorn the exterior surfaces of the comfort stations are another distinctive characteristic of the Moderne architectural style. The bright, alternating bands of color are also playfully reminiscent of beach balls, umbrellas and other gear commonly found along the seashore. References withstanding, the different hues of the comfort stations also enable one to navigate throughout the park. Additional facilities presently under construction include a two-story Beach and Marine Safety Facility also in a Streamline Moderne style that reinterprets the historic lighthouse that once stood at the southern end of the park.
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