Fulford Elementary School
Miami, FL
At the inception of this project, the Fulford Elementary School campus consisted of three buildings and sixteen portables on a very tight site. The new building program contained all of the space requirements to turn the facility into a complete elementary school capable of handling 893 students. The design challenge was to make the existing buildings, which comprise 29,000 square feet, and the new buildings look like one. By configuring the 39,725 square foot addition around the existing building such that a courtyard is created and by relocating the main entrance, the school appears both visually and functionally as one. This required the complete rehabilitation of the remaining structures to include new interior partitions, ceilings, floors, roofing, paint and mechanical/electrical systems to be compatible with the new portion of the school. The new building was connected to the existing building at two locations so as to minimize disruption of the facilities’ ongoing operation. In summary, the design has taken the disadvantages of a small site and turned them into assets. The design combines the existing and the new into a cohesive, well organized elementary school capable of providing a complete range of services for the school’s community.
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