The Freedom Tower
Miami, FL

Built in 1925 by the prestigious architectural firm of Schultze & Weaver as the headquarters of the Miami Daily News, the Freedom Tower acquired its present name after serving as the Cuban Refugee Center between 1962 and 1974, when it became a symbol of freedom for the thousands that went through its doors escaping Castro’s oppressive regime. RJHA was commissioned in 1987 by then owner Zaminco International to conduct extensive restoration work to the rapidly decaying landmark, repairing and strengthening structural supports, replacing windows with historically accurate units, and removing layers of previously unsympathetic renovations. Hundreds of historic architectural features such as balusters, finials and obelisks were restored and replaced. The mural of the Old World was restored, and the former pressroom was converted into an elegant 550 seat banquet hall. The project’s success earned RJHA an award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation as well as awards from the American Institute of Architects Miami and Florida chapters.
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