RJHA has played a significant role in assisting private non-profit organization and local government agencies in their historic preservation efforts. Richard J. Heisenbottle, FAIA, served on the Board of Trustees of Dade Heritage Trust, Inc., the largest non-profit historic preservation organization in Miami-Dade County for over 10 years. As President of Dade Heritage Trust, Mr. Heisenbottle was instrumental in having $20 Million worth of specific line items placed on the Miami-Dade County’s General Obligation Bond Program dedicated for historic preservation projects. His active participation in the campaign that resulted in the voters’ approval of the bond issue in 2004 was crucial to the success of this effort. He lead a similar effort within the City of Miami, which resulted in $10 Million of Bond funds being earmarked for the restoration of City owned historic structures.

Mr. Heisenbottle’s work as President of DHT was crucial in saving significant local historic sites such as the Sears Tower, the Old Miami High School, the Hubbard-Alvarez Bungalow, the Avery Smith House and the Dice House, all located in the Greater Miami area.

RJHA’s dedication to civic issues, particularly those relating to architecture, demonstrates our commitment to positively defining our surrounding environment in a sustainable, responsible and contextual manner. Our civic projects strive to embrace this belief and have left a lasting impression on their communities.
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